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CDC is a competent, professional and slender player, specialized in planning, engineering and construction of large scale PV and wind power plants. The company focuses on the completion of projects with a minimum size of 5 MWp. During the course of the project ramp up CDC Team is supporting the project developers with its technical expertise and is operating as a consultant with investors and banks. CDC Team offers a service to enable projects with focus on the execution. With state of the art technology CDC Team offers a professional and long-term monitoring of the power plant with a strong focus on highest energy output. The Operation and Monitoring team is based in the operational headquarter. It remotely controls the system via service centre and in daily exchange with the local operations and maintenance team on site. CDC Team uses flexible approach to the formation of prices, making it more attractive among the other competitors. It is also used for the objective of pricing a comprehensive analysis of future construction project. We offer you, with the participation of our specialists to determine the scope of work of the future projects, discuss the roles and the possible cost of our services.

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