Bugasi LAB


Business Games and Simulations Labs – short BuGaSi Labs – is an innovative 
developer of computer-aided business games based in Germany. Our products 
provide a whole new experience in the field of education and training to our 
customers. Participants of our business management simulations learn by 
experience. They practice their skills and behaviours for their daily business 
rather than consuming the teacher's knowledge. This is how we create 
sustainable learning effects. Our solutions perfectly match the requirements of 
all educational institutions - that includes Universities, Colleges as well as 
corporate training departments. 
For a new web based business administration simulation we are searching for 
programmers with advanced skills in: 
•  Java with Spring and Hibernate 

•  Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 
•  MySQL 
•  JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3 

You can work from your home desk. There will be regular meetings in Lviv.
For detailed information about BuGaSi Labs and our products please visit 
 Please send Your CV to email: dkorkuna@gmail.com

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