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We are one the most international trading company located in Ukraine, our company provide a personalized service and competitive prices for international customers only !

We provide dating services, working agency services, seminars & conferences organization, sourcing services, internet hosting, web development and soon more. We provide this services for international company's & people mainly located in Europe, for know more about our services contact us.

The requirements for quality and traceability are in increases and we pay special attention to every stage of production to shipping.
We have a policy of respect of production and we ensure the quality of our produits. have quality products requires rigor in all stages of the preparation of the production until receipt at the customer.

we have lot of partnership with producers and wholesalers : Food stuffs, from agriculture or already transformed and prepared for consumption.
All our products are controlled by us, planting densities are determined depending on the variety and the commercial purpose of the lot.
Quality checks are made, from taking samples  on stocks and are analyzed in the laboratory to ensure the quality of the lots.
We organise regular field visits with farmers, this action is combined with the weekly sending of mails in order to be informed about progression in production.

The important request, allows us to produce volumes increasing continuously, our customers are conditioners, wholesalers, distributors who are looking for products which meet their expectations on a regular basis throughout the year.
Each lot that we shipping is carefully chosen according the products available and the qualities requested.
We place great importance on customer satisfaction. both from the qualitative perspective that of the commercial and operational responsiveness they expect.

if you have some questions you can contact us with the contact form or by phone (our team speak french,english and russian).

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