СА Іновейшн Венчурс

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Вячеслав Артамонов
(044) 5003370

САІВ is your IT and business processes advisory partner. Addicted to IT and business processes efficiency NF team is your advocate in the ocean of challenges and opportunities of new information technology era. If you look for partner that helps you to increase effectiveness of new IT, dramatically decreasing cost to develop, maintain and support your IT infrastructure call to us. 
Services for you: 
- communication and collaboration infrastructure support and outsourcing 
- in-house software apps maintenance and support 
- customer relationship and claim management processes/apps support and outsourcing 
- complete e-commerce infrastructure outsourcing 
- operational sales and marketing processes outsourcing

Today our company manages the p2p online lending and investment project in Ukraine SimZirok.com. We always look for talanted and ambitious specialist in verious position: Python developers, marketing specialists, web designers, copywriters, etc. 

SimZirok is p2p online platform of direct lending, donations and investment between users directly involved in the process. Participants in the system may be individuals, small businesses and enterpreneurs. The main purpose of the system is to create a global platform of debt financing and investments, without intermediaries, working with minimal contribution from the investor's side. 

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