Gubagoo Inc


Today we are embarking on the very essence of Web 3.0 by providing people with richer and more meaningful website user experiences.  Our Behavioral Engagement Platform tracks visitors from the very moment they arrive at your site and come back again.  We monitor their every action, analyzing various data sets and scoring them using our proprietary Behavioral Engagement & Scoring Technology – the B.E.A.S.T.

We integrate this valuable data into all our SmartTools, allowing us to transform once anonymous visitor traffic into responsive consumers.  We use artificial intelligence to engage people in real-time by publishing relevant and meaningful offers, making them become eager and more willing to take the next step towards conversion.

When using B.E.A.S.T’s rich behavioral data in our live chat solutions, our 24/7 Live Chat Attendants are empowered with vital information helping them carry out a more insightful and effective conversation.  Information is power; our platform adds a new dimension and the edge to generate more leads and sales than with any other competitors’ chat product on the market.

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