Robot Europe Ltd

Manufacturer of electronic products and technology that makes life easier.

Established in Shenzhen, China. iRobot is a pioneer in innovative technology products for mass use and adaptation of open operating systems (OpenSource) to PCs and MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices).

Our goal is to reach a level of efficiency, productivity, simplicity and fun in our products. Advanced devices made accessible to the whole world, to democratize these devices, reducing prices and passing the benefit to end customers. We believe that with our ongoing effort to build a better future, thingswill certainly be easier for all consumers looking for high quality product, good performance and price Ecnonómico.

With substantial resources and proven experience in product design, display, mobile and converged network technology, iRobot Group provides solutions productions and OEM / ODM:

* TouchScreen UMD / MID / Mobile
* NetBook PC
* Smartbooks
* UMDs
* MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices)
* Integration / Adaptation of OpenSource Operating Systems (Android, Linux ...)

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