Decade Conferences


Decade Conferences and its Sports division is a dynamic multinational company. It is comprised of offices and agents now in Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, Kiev and London. The central aim of Decade Conferences is to create, provide and deliver the highest quality international events, events designed to develop and enhance the business market awareness and corporate relationships of our clients. We benefit from the accumulated knowledge of over twenty-years experience and expertise in the Conference and event industry, experience which instils customer confidence. Our unparalleled ability to deliver on the day gives company Directors or Decision Makers the impetus to either attend in person or send several additional representatives. Our objective, as an organisation specialising in the creation of targeted business events, is that our attendees return to their places of work post event with clear and precise direction, and are able to utilize the information and knowledge gained by attending a Decade Conference. Our events are designed to increase the commercial awareness, productivity, enthusiasm, and most importantly profitability that each attendee brings to their organisation.

Decade Conferences represents the highest standard in the Events industry, by employing cutting-edge Market Research we ensure that our Conferences continue to offer relevant and stimulating experiences. To that end we have cultivated relationships with various media entities, increasing awareness of our Events globally; as a result our Events provide unique and exciting networking opportunities to all attendees, and particularly to our Sponsors. This ensures that time spent at our Conferences is as productive as possible. Decade Conferences is committed to the delivery of affordable, well organised Events, guaranteed to impart knowledge that has an enduring impact on our clients’ success, in both foreign and domestic markets. Decade Conferences is your dedicated Conference provider.

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