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Компания Al-Watania  Steel на протяжении 10 лет является одним из ведущих поставщиков арматуры в Катаре. Мы имеем современные производственные мощности для резки и гибки арматурных стержней. Наши производственные линии состоят из современного полностью автоматизированного оборудования. Мы используем Oscan, Schnell.

AL- WATANIA STEEL is one of the main suppliers of rebars in Qatar. It owns modern production facilities for cutting and bending of rebars.

Our production lines consist of modern fully automatic and computerized machineries capable of high rate production and performance of all required shapes according to standards to meet customer's needs.

We are using a modern German and Italian machines like OSCAM shear line, bending robot systems and SCHNELL stirrups machines that capable of forming all diameters of rebars at monthly production rate 10.000 ton served by modern transportation facilities to maintain the prompt delivery times.

AL- WATANIA STEEL is manned by a highly qualified professional team to produce detailed reinforcement shop drawings and bar bending schedules using modern equipments and specialized multi- task program for preparation of bar bending schedules and rabar tags.

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