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American Appraisal (AAR), Inc.


Since 1896, American Appraisal is the largest full service independent valuation consulting firm in the world. Our clients represent a wide cross-section of industries and institutions, from members of the Fortune Global 500 to governmental entities, financial institutions and others.

Our worldwide, full-service staff is trained and qualified in valuations of Business, Financial Advisory Services, Intangible Assets, Land, Buildings, Machinery & Equipment.

Today American Appraisal Associates operate more than 50 offices in 45 countries of the world including North and South America, Western and Central Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Greater China, and Japan.

American Appraisal Russia (AAR) started working in Russia and the CIS countries on a fly-in basis since mid 90-s and in 1996 two permanent offices were established in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our clients include major Russian and International companies, operating throughout Russia and the CIS.

Valuation reports are prepared in compliance with internationally recognized appraisal standards, including USPAP, IVSC. Global practice guidelines are established to provide consistency and quality of service to our clients world-wide.

Projects are carried out using a combination of permanent local staff and experts from other offices of American Appraisal. Practice leaders and dedicated industry experts from various offices of our company are available to support project teams globally.

Professional staff carries designations of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA), PhDs, and other recognized designations. Employees are encouraged to obtain accreditation and designation with respected professional investment bodies such as AICPA, AIMR, and others.

Further information about American Appraisal can be found at www.american-appraisal.ru or www.american-appraisal.com

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