Electric Motor Werks


Electric Motor Werks (EMW) - a California Company focused on promoting high performance electric conversions. Our mission is to dramatically accelerate adoption of electric car conversions and raise the image of the affordable AND fun electric car solutions.

We will accomplish this mission in two ways:

  • We will drive down the costs of high performance conversions through open source designs for core EV components. We have already created or actively contributed to open-source designs of a number of high-power electric car components, including a 10kW+ charging system, 400kW+ motor controller, and an advanced Android-based EV Instrumentation & control systems.
  • We will make conversions MUCH more accessible to progressive drivers like you. From bolt-on conversion kits for a variety of most popular performance car models to ready-to-drive EVs based on such models, your smart move to the 100% electric drive can be as effortless as you want it to be.          

Please refer to our 'Products' pages for the current availability of various options. As of May 2012:

  • ...the first bolt-on conversion solution targeting BMW 3-series is available for orders. BMW 5 series and X5 conversion solutions are on the way
  • ...we have completed our research and development on a 10-15kW in-car charging system (which can charger your 100-mile range EV in 2-3 hours!) This is the most powerful and most feature-rich system available that you can use in your EV today. The design is available as open source, and we are offering a number of kit options. This system can be stacked to obtain up to 100kW output power levels - recharging a 100-mile EV in just 20 minutes! Visit our Charger page for more details.
  • ...we have developed an advanced EV Dashboard and Management System based on Android tablet - beta version is available now

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