Forrards is an international software and remote dba services consultancy. We are professionals in the software development, remote dba services area and other IT fields such as server administration, database development, architecture and administration, implementation, software testing and quality assurance, especially in data centric projects based on SQL Server platform.

Our customers are represented by a vast range of companies from small and middle sized businesses up to world-famous giants that work in various business fields to whom we provide remote dba services. We have successfully run from scratch to the final phase financial, telecommunication, healthcare, tourism and state area software, remote dba and development database and IT projects. Our headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, and the research and remote dba centers are located in Russia and Eastern Europe. The efficient process allows us to maintain customers’ support 24/7, and using of the human resources in the territory of Russia, CIS and East Europe countries significantly decreases the expenses, thereby offering customers competitive prices for the remote dba services.

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