Baren-Boym Company


Baren-Boym Company provides expertise in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Software development. Our specialties include but are not limited to medical device design, production automated lines and machines, consumer product development, and sporting goods. In the medical device area our experience includes but is not limited to: Cardiovascular devices, Surgical Instruments, Dental Equipment, OB/GYN devices, Endoscopies Instrumentation, Trocars, Microvasive Urology devices, Catheters, Disposable medical connectors, Blood/ Bone marrow collection devices, Fibrin glue atomizers, Blood pumps, Centrifuges, Laboratory Equipment, Drug Testing Equipment. Our extensive portfolio also includes capital equipment designs, automated production lines designs, welding equipment designs, electronic packaging and many more projects. All our design work is supported with analytical calculations and Finite Element Analysis in the areas of Linear and Non Linear Finite Element Analysis, Electromagnetic Problems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mold Flow analysis, Metal Casting Simulation, Thermal Modeling, Motion Simulation.

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