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DreamFire Interactive


DreamFire ​​Interactive Solutions, Inc., In collaboration with Xperience has created world's first and truly integrated Web Experience Management (WEM) platform.

Xperience is a portfolio of DreamFire ​​Ventures LP (http://dreamfire.vc) and has a focus on building state of the art tools to extend content management systems to create persuasive user experience journeys.


About DreamFire ​​Ventures


DreamFire ​​Ventures LP (http://dreamfire.vc) is the lead investor in Xperience. DreamFire ​​Ventures is the venture capital arm of DreamFire. DreamFire ​​Ventures consists of a portfolio of companies that collectively drive favorable user behavior for businesses and governments. These risk diversified portfolios of ventures are aligned to the market forces to establish a leading market position, protect that position and maximize value creation. The portfolio addresses large and diversified markets, capability to acquire clients through collective synergistic strengths, cross-selling opportunities within the portfolio, and a team with proven track record.


Success Stories


DreamFire ​​has a deep practice in Content Management Systems and in particular Web Experience Management Systems. DreamFire ​​is an early pioneer in FatWire, now rechristened as WebCenter Sites, and Drupal. DreamFire ​​has trained almost every major systems integrator in the World on FatWire Software.

DreamFire ​​built a comprehensive knowledge management solution for the United Nations on Drupal, a Web Content Management System also used to power websites such as Whitehouse.gov, NYSE EURONEXT, etc.

DreamFire ​​conceptualized, built and currently maintains a behavioral engineering systems for EMC Corporation to reduce its employee turnover in offshore centers.

DreamFire ​​designed and built the digital presence for Mercedes Benz..

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