LavaPay Inc.


LavaPay is an independent secure online Payment Gateway, with payment solutions for people around the world. 

Our integrated payment system allows our users easily to load, receive and withdraw money as well as make unlimited online shopping in over 200 countries and territories and over 3,000 shops.

LavaPay is a fully-fledged payment service provider suitable for any type of business. 

LavaPay gives opportunity for quick and secure online payment solutions for merchants, buyers and global businesses 

LavaPay Advantages for Merchants
• The quickest, cheapest and easiest method to start accepting credit cards online 
• Secure payment pages with SSL certificate
• Payment Gateway - accept multiple payment methods on the merchant’s website in a single step.

LavaPay Advantages for Buyers
• Virtual Cards, easy and quick online payments.
• Highest level of information security. Merchants or recipients do not have access to buyers payment details.
• No mail phishing, messages and notices are always kept within LavaPay.
• Low rate
• One time dynamic password which comes by sms as a payment confirmation.
• A multi-level transaction monitoring security system, LavaPay assumed all the risks for the protection against various types of fraud and provides a 100% security guarantee to its customers.

LavaPay Advantages for Global Businesses of all sizes
• Secure debit & credit card processing
• Advanced fraud protection & reporting
• Bespoke services to suit your industry
• Resilient & fully PCI Compliant platform

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