TuneZup LTD

Контактна особа:
Viktor Grebinkov
099 031-36-23

During 5 years many thousands of tuned and styled cars were sold and bought on it. In 2012 TuneZup started with a new concept and next to the market place for tuning parts and cars, TuneZup offers you more, TuneZup gives tuners, stylers and performance fans, enthusiasts and professionals the possibility to unite and share their passion on TuneZup.

TuneZup is also specializing in programming and development of software for car enthusiasts.

Tune Zup is present on the Ukrainian it-market since 2011. It bears successful history. Our website is one of the most frequently visited when it comes to automotive industry. The employees of TuneZup are driven by love and passion for cars; therefore, we encourage all car-lovers to join us and become a part of great team.

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