Neser Babil Co.

Third: Objective of the Company and Nature of Work:

To participate in investing the capitals in the field of general contracts through practicing the general contracts, constructional, electrical, mechanical and engineering contracts stipulating performing the works concerning constructing, expanding and demolishing kinds of buildings, and the works of roads, pavements, bridges, railways, airports, dams, reservoirs for irrigation and drainage projects, survey engineering works, ports, works of laying water pipelines and sewerage and other constructional works, performing electrical and mechanical works of different kinds which include the works concerning erecting and assembling the equipments, machines, pumping stations, electricity power stations, telephone exchanges, different kinds of air-conditioning works, electrical foundations, sanitary, sewerages, towers, metal assembling and other works which enter within the general contracts scope and not mentioned above and in the field of general trading such as importing and exporting different kinds of commodities and goods according to the Law of Trade No. 30 for the year 1984 with taking into consideration the regulations and decisions issued accordingly and in the field of Communications and Services Works which include the works supporting the process of Wire Communications, exchanges, control devices, mobile telephones services and site visits to know its nature and for limiting its capacity such as number of employees in the net and putting a plan for expanding the towers and distributing the frequencies and testing the capability of joining them and to analyze the information resulting from the visit and putting the suitable solutions which the net is suffering from.

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