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Omilia’s Natural Language Understanding software enhances the user-friendliness of self-service in call centers with an Open Question approach to customer care.

Omilia’s DiaManT platform, allows the human caller to freely express their request in natural language — as an answer to the question: «How may I help you?» — without the need to steer through complex menus and options. DiaManT will extract meaning from natural language requests and will take the proper action automatically.

With current operations and installations in more than 9 countries, and case studies with proven KPI’s ad ROI’s across various industries, Omilia is the fastest growing NLU solution in the market.

The key differentiator of Omilia is our approach to NLU, which employs technology in a way that forms a unique ecosystem, based on the idea that every customer has their own individual needs and way of expressing them.

With a perfect combination of technology and know-how, Omilia is producing results that previously were not believed possible. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, in a no nonsense business proposition that just makes sense.

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