Контактна особа:
Ольга Корниюк

With our almost 150-year expertise we know people’s taste and requirements, as we have been producing chocolate for 3 generations. Since our foundation we have developed many new chocolates and tastes which were revolutionary at that time, now they are classics. We carry on this tradition to the future preserving the old popular Hungarian brands, the favourite sweets of our childhood.

Almost 150-year expertise, experience and technological know-how guarantee our products' top quality. Therefore our company has been complying with the most rigorous international standards — HACCP since 1998 and ISO 9001:2000 since 2003. We obtained IFS4 qualification in 2007, then IFS 5 qualification in 2008. Owing to their top quality and uniqueness our chocolates are popular around the world. Our pralines are market leaders even in Belgium, in the homeland of chocolate.

Bonbonetti Group, the most significant confectionary corporation of Hungary with the highest capacity, is the most prominent chocolate factory of the country. It is the creator and producer of the famous ‘tibi' chocolate, Cherry Queen cherry praline, Bonbonetti Christmas candies or the popular Francia Dragee and Dunakavics, that are still produced in the company’s factory in Vágóhíd Street in Budapest. The ultimate big confectionary company of Hungary supports the country’s economy by providing work for 600 employees.

Continuous innovation is essential in the permanently changing confectionary market. That is why we always develop new products besides our well-known traditional brands. Consumers expect novelties from year to year, from season to season. Our outstanding developer group is a great advantage, so that we can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. Our developments have been rewarded by many Hungarian and international competition awards.

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