Microptik BV (Netherlands)

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Андрій Коровицький

We provide custom built analytical — technology, services and consultancy for various clients in different area’s.In petrochemical-, chemical-, plastic-, pharmaceutical-, electronic-, agricultural-, dairy-, food- and beverage industries and also in various institutes like environmental control, personnel care, medical care, education, security, forensic and more. For large companies we are a professional team for contract- development or service and for smaller companies we are ideal in providing OEM analytical technology (i.e. development, prototyping and production).With over 30 years of experience in analytical development, covering many different technologies, installing them in practically all continents, we are the ideal and cost effective partner for our clients.In addition we provide complete and finished out of the box analytical- technologies, instruments, software and consultation to our clients.You will find our services unique, special and very adaptive to your needs.

Throughout many years the Microptik group has been developing optical based analytical techniques. In this process we have been innovative and always stretched the boundaries to deliver higher quality products to our customers. Ever since our beginning we provide our customers with the most effective technology for their specific applications with in depth knowledge and vision and with superior hardware and software. The categories presented on this web page exhibit our fields of expertise. We are committed to continue providing our customers with state of the art technology in balance with performance and long term cost of ownership.

Our entire organization is structured to respond rapidly and effectively to customer requirements. We specialize in identifying problems and offer custom designed solutions. We are deeply committed to the challenge of manufacturing first-class analytical technology products and develop innovative solutions which will improve the revenue of customers. The people in our company are our most important assets, they have knowledge and experience in various fields and are used to tackle problems which are in the forefront of technology.

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