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Products and services «Aklare» include logo design, business and internet marketing, WordPress, design and graphics, video and multiplication, e-commerce and msg developing, mobile, apps, websites and programming. Freelancers set initial pricing, purview and duration of the offered services.The main focus of the target market is the most oriented audience for a particular product (product group). Aklare offers digital assets for use in creative projects whose structure consists of eight branches: themes, graphics, audio, video, plug-ins, photos, 3D and Flash.Our customer base is split into two groups. First part — whose clients are web developers, HTML layout designer, hand-picked designers, freelancers and all those involved into the websites development. The Second part — it’s small and medium-sized businesses who are not willing to spend large money for creation of personal website. At long last, our product is designed for all talented and creative minds who want to buy smart web projects.

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