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Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників

PHAR is a premium software development and consulting company focused on delivery of native, web and mobile applications, infrastructure solutions and information security services.

We develop, design and build digital products and services to create value for our clients and engage their users. With efficient product development processes we reduce time to market for clients' offerings.


We’ve built dozens of web and mobile application front-ends and back-ends. We’re capable of developing any technology on any platform and specialize in tackling multi-platform experiences that scale and that users love.


We work with our clients to think on a higher level about how their audience, users, and stakeholders will interact with and communicate about their brand and their product more than any other design team out there.


We focus on UI and visual design as the core of producing the most beautiful apps in the industry for both consumer facing products and tailored industry solutions.


Our design decisions go beyond aesthetic preferences and truly have your user and business objectives in mind. The result: a cohesive, engaging face wherever your customer is interfacing with your brand.

Service Description.

PHAR draws best engineers from the pool of graduates and post-graduates of local universities. We look for the smartest, brightest goal-oriented young people who want to take pride in what they do. Our engineers use the best practices of software development including Test Driven Development (TDD), refactoring and design patterns.

We rigorously follow Agile development methodology and allow the customer to communicate with his development team directly, manage work schedule and track the engineers' activity in a time tracking system. Updates are committed to a customer’s repository and deployed every day.

PHAR’s typical project is a large, complex, often one of a kind custom web application which addresses needs that cannot be covered by an existing solution.

Our platform of choice is Ruby on Rails as it perfectly aligns with our values and allows our engineers to quickly write a high quality code which is easy to extend and maintain. We are also proficient in Java and innovative Scala languages which are very helpful for optimization website performance according to Reactive Programming principles. In mobile market, we focus on development of native applications of world class for iOS and Android.

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