Link-Partners Europe Ltd (UK)


Link- Partners Europe Ltd is a company registered in the UK with its main office located in Kiev.

Link Partners gives you all the solutions your business needs to succeed. All our services are very cost effective, so you get more revenue and profits at a very low but effective cost. In other words, we optimize the cost of running your business.

We are a team of highly trained professionals building a solid rock foundation of partnerships. We are passionate and determined to see you succeed. We work with start up firms, middle-sized companies that want to increase their services and large enterprises that want to enter a new market or expand their products and services. We can optimize all your business processes, getting more results faster and better.

We provide professional sales teams, business consultation, and lead generation and telesales services. We also provide quality and flexible automotive solutions, digital marketing services, website development and design, cloud services, mobile applications and many more to suit all your business needs.

We always surpass all expectations and results. Link Partners is all about helping you to grow and succeed.

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