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RoweBots has 29 years of experience in embedded operating systems and POSIX compliant systems. RoweBots offers the Unison OS, a fully POSIX compliant, Linux compatible, tiny real-time and modular OS.

In 2012, RoweBots celebrated 25 years of profitable operation. Our customers include many of the world leaders from a broad spectrum of industries. Every day our products are sorting parcels, powering classification systems, helping our forces and a broad set of other tasks which drive our ubiquitous world forward into smarter and lower cost applications.

Providing IoT and M2M technologies, RoweBots works with the companies to make the better world.

RoweBots is based in Waterloo Region, the software capital of Canada, with the European office in Odessa, Ukraine.

For more information please visit www.rowebots.com

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