Rubex Egypt


At the beginning I want to introduce our company Rubex Egypt was established in 1987, has built a strong reputation of quality and reliability in plastic and Acrylic products in Egypt as well as throughout the entire region.

RUBEX is a complete integrated complex of factories as follow:

• Plastic factory for indoor and outdoor furniture.

• Plastic factory for pallets.

• Pelletizing and washing factory for fiber glass+ plastic pellets.

• Acrylic factory for sheets production.

• Acrylic factory for bathtubs, Jacuzzi, shower trays and all sanitary were products.

• Shower cabinet factory.

• Glass chapping factory.

• Urea products factory such as toilet covers seat.

• Solid surface sheets factory and Corian products factory such as wash basin, kitchen counter tops and interior design decoration.

• Polyester products factory such as toilet covers seat and bathtubs and basins .

• Plastic Chrome treating line.

EXPORT:Our currently exporting to the following countries: Saudi Arabia — Qatar — Kuwait — Lebanon — Libya — Morocco — Congo — Sudan- Ghana — England — Germany — France — Czech republic — Italy- Greece — Portugal — Spain.

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