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Николай Мыкал

In Aiia we create gifts. For businesses.

We perfectly understand that promotional gifts enhance business. So we should tell you some blah-blah-blah about return on investments and loyalty. But we will tell you about what makes aiia different.


We are working in promotional products industry for 10 years. So before creating Aiia, we gained experience and knowledge keeping safe some romanticism. What we love about our everyday job in Aiia is combining our dreams and those big important concepts like art and happiness in promo gifts. We, Aiia, intend to transform promotional products into a form of modern art.


Mad men, someone would say instead. Anyway. We believe that in the world full of well-done things creating WOW-things is truly fascinating adventure. In Aiia we reinforce it by innovations and design. Let’s take a lace for a promotional key chain, for example. Can you imagine somebody investing 6 month to make a part of promo give-away perfect? Obviously, that would be perfectionists. In fact, that would be us.


Majority of customers prefer to get high-quality WOW-gift instead of promo T-shirt with a logo. Businesses are looking for a non-conventional promo merchandise. That’s why we are passionate about what we do. Because we know the market wants it! People often say that world is drifting somewhere… And we loooove that it is drifting. Because it is drifting towards endless opportunities. If your thought about this world is like ours, drift with us. We could do with extra mad men! Let’s show the real art in promotional industry!

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