Transact Pro, SIA

Контактное лицо:
Maxim Sidorenko
+371 26158158

Since 2004 SIA «Transact Pro» has been operating as a primary card payment service provider to its clientele — both corporate customers (merchants accepting payment cards) and private individuals (cardholders). In 2007 SIA «Transact Pro» was officially registered as an electronic money issuer, whereas 2009 saw us becoming the first Latvian non-banking institution to join MasterCard Worldwide in the status of its Principal Member with a privilege to issue MasterCard payment cards in our own right. Following the changes in EU regulations, in 2010 our company was also granted the status of a registered payment institution.

SIA «Transact Pro» has already implemented the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and operates in full compliance with its requirements, which is regularly verified and confirmed by international auditors.

We are always open for new business development projects and are actively looking to expand our operations in the following areas:

+ MasterCard prepaid card issuance and cardholder payment processing in the status of MasterCard Worldwide Principal Member;+ Foreign and domestic card acquiring services, including e-commerce merchant acquiring in the status of a registered Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP);+ Merchant support, development and integration of payment processing solutions, risk and fraud monitoring;

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