SouthWest International Studies Normal Institute (SISNI)

Контактна особа:

Approved by the government of the Education Ministry of China, Southwest International Studies Normal Institute (SISNI) was founded in 1986. It is a three-year post-secondary course and four-year undergraduate course specializing in teaching foreign languages, computer science, information technology, international commerce and trade, hospitality and tourism, translation. The college provides accessible, affordable and high-quality higher education that prepares students to enter job market, allows them to transfer to universities, helps them to study and work abroad, and assists them in achieving their professional and personal goals.


We have the departments in Sichuan,Shandong,Beijing and Tianjin. Study Abroad Service Center of SISNI that is based in Beijing is responsible for the employees, interns and students enrolment.

Address : China, Chongqing, Minsheng Road, Harbour Plaza, 507, 400010

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