BMS Soft

Контактна особа:

BMS Soft is knowledge based / oriented company. With the great teams who is the main core and the most important value of it. The knowledge is essential issue of our company (activity) included several components as the experience and the new ideas.

Experience is the part / feature of that members who have been doing for a long period with BMS Soft. They have strong basis to share with the freshman and each other

That who are newcomers have the fresh view they do come with latest trends and science in their mind.

As the result we have profound knowledge

Skillful marketing and sales department provide with interesting projects

(all these make any employee activity in the BMS Soft successful,  interesting and worth to do)

This mix makes the company successful work / completed projects /  prosperous activity / progress

We have all advantages any employee is looking for

-         sustainable and decent salary

-         bonus systems as encouragement

-         career advancement

-         great project

-         STABLE positions despite the crisis

-         Cozy office

-         Very friendly team

-         Real team spirit proved by the everyday collaboration and merry company parties

-         Paid vacation , sick leaves days off

Become the member of the BMS Soft

One of the sparkling heads

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