GOAL is an internationalhumanitarian agency dedicated to the alleviation of the suffering of thepoorest of the poor. It was founded by John O’Shea in 1977.

GOAL’s Mission Statement:To work towards ensuring that the poorest of the poor and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to thefundamental needs and rights of life, for example, food, water, shelter,medical attention and literacy. It is non-denominational, non-governmental andnon-political.

GOAL hasresponded to nearly every major natural and man-made disaster in the past 30years and is currently operational in 18 countries globally. It also implementsrehabilitation and long-term development programmes and works with localpartner organisations that have similar objectives. While GOAL’s priority is to bring life-saving assistance to people affected by emergencies, through theprovision of food, healthcare and other basic requirements, it also prioritisesprogrammes which care for street children and people affected by HIV/AIDS.

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