TrustYou GmbH


TrustYou is the standard for reputation in the travel industry. We search and analyze literally ALL hotel reviews on the web, and generate a summary for each hotel on the planet — what did guests like and dislike about this hotel? Try it out yourself by searching any hotel on our website!

Our data is powering over 100 hotel search engines around the globe. Additionally, we have built a social media monitoring and survey product for hoteliers, TrustYou Reputation Management. What are my guests complaining about? TrustYou is used by more than 10,000 hotels to answer that question and improve their services.

TrustYou is a startup with engineering excellence in its DNA. Our employees are experts in big data, machine learning, natural language processing, interactive JavaScript applications and web technologies. Our tech stack is varied and modern.

We work hard, but value a great working environment just as much. We offer perks and a comfortable office for creative work. Xbox breaks and office beers on Friday nights are part of our culture. Our visits to Oktoberfest and our developer getaway trips are legendary.

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