Proextra Inc.

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Proextra is an innovative project created by experienced masters of martial arts and the team of young enthusiastic developers. Its main task is to become a methodical and obtainable guidance in the world of confidence through the art of karate. Not only the confidence in own strength, in ability to defend the loved ones and own self but also the confidence in self-knowledge, own skills, own bounds and possibility to extend them, the confidence in ability to make the best choices. This karate portal is tailored for everybody independently of previous background, age, stirring life, ability to attend the gym and so on. Training lessons are equally apprehensible for newcomers and even for little children. Profoundly designed elements of video content accompanied with detailed explanations and examples for every particular methodic pave the way for definitely correct acquisition of studied technique. At the same time we respect your technical skills acquired before and constantly work to create the best conditions for you to continue training at a higher level. So, the project allows through the system of trainings not only to develop physical strength, reaction, dexterity, but also to find own hidden resources and to gain self-control. It makes maximally appreciable the permanent presence of the wise and patient coach, though provides the opportunity to train distantly at any time or place, meanwhile, having the possibility of taking part in the evaluation procedure and acquiring appropriate grade thus becoming a part of the great community of karate followers. The project still concerns only karate, but it`s just a start. Another work-stream of the project is constructing of mobile games and apps for youngsters. The distinguishing features of game developments are creation of bright fantastic world and unique fighting mechanics, emotional involvement and variability which gives broad scope for imagination.

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