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Vladyslav Omelchuk
Веб-сайт: is a company that is determined to revolutionize the online hotel booking industry forever using big data and unbeatable algorithms.'s mission is to offer the best, most cost-effective and intelligent way of discovering and booking luxury hotel rooms for leisure and corporate travellers, while simultaneously offering a platform on which hotels can make a more profitable business. is working with top hotel groups around the world and has received significant endorsements from leading industry suppliers in hospitality:

«This start-up is leading the way in developing a new generation of hotel reservation systems, and DHISCO is proud to connect Nustay to hotels around the world.» • Toni Portmann, CEO of DHISCO (2015).

"Nustay is leading the way in a new era of online hotel booking and will help hotels all over the world promote their inventory to a chosen set of guests, without diluting their brand equity."• Udai Singh Solanki, CTO of eRevMax (2015).

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