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Jim Davis

About us: We are an international company offering tailored marketing solutions to generate first class sales leads on behalf of our clients.

Successful telemarketing, telesales and market research depend on credible, trained and motivated agents. Productive conversations with senior decision makers require a level of enthusiasm and ability that is hard to find and develop.

Our calling team is unlike any you will have seen. The average age in our Telemarketing Division is 26 years and our senior managers no older than 30.

We are a training centre for those who wish to follow a career in outbound telephone marketing. All agents receive a structured training and coaching program leading to internally audited awards and structured pay rises.

At our level of service, offering the «mass production» model employed by many generalist agencies just won’t work. Agents at Shotgun Marketing Solutions really do get to develop their skills to internationally recognised standards, which is one of the reasons that the average age of our management is much lower than most of our competition.

Critically, all of our agents receive a solid salary. They are motivated by regular reviews, career progression and carefully calibrated bonus and incentive schemes that reward quality of delivery; we want to unleash a team of commission hungry motivated young people on behalf of our prospective clients. If you want to earn a great basic salary whilst being afforded regular chances to progress, we are the right agency for you.

Our Research, Telemarketing and Telesales Account Managers are experienced in their respective fields and are dedicated to no more than 8 to 10 staff and just a few clients. Every campaign or project we run benefits from the same level of expertise and proactive management, spotting opportunities, feeding back market intelligence and getting the most out of every call we make.

We are Investors in People!

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