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меньше 10 сотрудников
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Назар Корницкий

What we do:

Core Editions is a small and quickly growing 21st century publishing business whose goal is to create or publish products and services that help our clients reach their goals through non mainstream solutions that provide proven results.

Who we are:

Core Editions was founded by Yale graduate Mike Fink and internet marketing pioneer Alex Goad. The company has it’s own particular environment oriented to great values, efficiency and integrity.

We strive to do things that matter, get people results and have a good time doing it. Our team is paramount to our success and satisfaction and we’d rather have a small team of perfectly aligned winners than a larger one with low morale and humanity IQ.

These are the values we cherish and work towards on a daily basis:

Core Editions Company Values:

People first:

We believe in what we do so we put it first: happy customers are the end goal, and happy employees lead to that goal.

Clearly we are subject to the same market forces as other companies, both with our clients and staff, but we shall err on the side of people when needed, giving them the benefit of the doubt or the last word and go out of our way to treat them in the way we would like to be treated.

We recognize that top talent and are willing to invest in it.


80% of your time spent on something you are good at and enjoy doing. Perfection not aimed for nor desired.

80% attitude gets shit done.

Individual Contribution:

We encourage each person to specialize and contribute their maximum Unique Ability with minimal supervision and maximal freedom to seize opportunities and take initiatives and risks. Everybody takes personal responsibility for their contribution and moves with a problem solver attitude.

Constant Improvement/learning:

Each team member is dedicated to constant improvement personally and the team in general is dedicated to the constant improvement of what we do as a company. Both as individuals and as a company, we invest in learning and improvement continually.


Honesty is highly valued and high standards are expected in all relations with people and other entities. We say the truth and deliver what we promise, internally and externally.


Our main motto is «The Obstacle is the Way». We always look at any problem or challenge as the launching board for a new opportunity.

5 Reasons to build your career with us:


We’ll help you make the transition into your new position and we’ll always be there to listen so that we can make your career fit not only with your work goals but also with your family objectives, going out of our way to recognize what’s important to you.


You value maximum freedom to get results because you’re good at what you do and you’re proud of the work you turn in. Being micromanaged makes you sick to your stomach and for the most part, you’re happy to set your schedule, goals and achievements for yourself. You’re a problem solver and we won’t get in your way.

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