What is DarcMatter?

DarcMatter is an online investment platform that provides transparent and seamless access into private investment opportunities.

How does DarcMatter work?

DarcMatter aggregates private investment opportunities that are typically reserved for larger institutional investors. By utilizing a proprietary SPV (special purpose vehicle) structure, DarcMatter is able to provide a frictionless process for both investors and private issuers while remaining fully compliant with all current financial regulations.

What are DarcMatter Feeder structures?

DarcMatter Feeder structures are packaged funds designed to make strategic investments in a portfolio of underlying funds and companies. Each Feeder enables DarcMatter to aggregate and administer individual investments as a single LP. A DarcMatter Venture Capital Feeder structure, for instance, invests in a number of VC funds. DarcMatter Feeder structures leverage the positive diversification effects of allocating capital across several experts with their own sources of deal flow and experience across different industries, geographies, and investment stages.

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