Co-Force Solutions

Контактное лицо:
Сергей Таборовский
093-701-7264, 050-272-1593

Co-Force Solutions operates in a newly emerging field of business process co-sourcing. Founded in 2013 we have already managed to achieve success in satisfying our customers needs. Our office is located in Chernivtsi, Western region of Ukraine, which is becoming a major destination for customers who are looking for a reliable, versatile and affordable outsourcing and co-sourcing opportunities. Nowadays Eastern European region could be characterized with an abundance of highly educated workforce in such fields as IT, Customer Service, Accounting, but most importantly lower than average European wages. This makes it a perfect destination to delegate Your business processes to.

For years Chernivtsi, Ukraine has been a mecca of education and science which provided access to a vast young, highly professional and talented workforce. However, only for the last ten years have Ukrainians started to emerge as competitive players on the market of outsourcing. Co-Force Solutions was created with an idea and dedication to promote the image of Ukraine in this field and become a new competitor on the market.

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