EECA Regional Platform

he Regional Civil Society and Community Support, Communication and Coordination Platform (Regional Platform, RP) with a focus on Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) issues in the area of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the EECA is a newly created initiative aimed to support and strengthen civil society and community engagement at all levels of the Global Fund processes and in particular, in the areas of Community, Rights and Gender. TGF envisaged 6 platforms to be established in the regions.

The priority focus of the Regional Platform is to increase the communities' knowledge and understanding on TGF related programs and Technical Support in general, to be able to serve as the expertise source in TGF programs on HIV, TB and Malaria more broadly. Besides the RP will work on developing a strong communication and cooperation among all players included in the processes: from KAP representatives to TS providers, governmental bodies, civil society organisations and donors.The project will be implemented until December, 2016.

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