Islamic Trade Banc

Islamic Trade Banc" is proud to be a pioneer in the forefront of investment and trading inglobal financial markets. «Islamic Trade Banc» sheds light on the Arabic investment traderthrough knowledge and expertise in Islamic law and Sharia. The company staff consists of aprofessional economic advisers and directors that has the experience in the development ofthe largest global banks, such as: Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, The royal bank ofScotland, JPMorgan chase, HSBC and more.«Islamic Trade Banc» was established in the wake of the global economic crisis in 2009 inorder to unite the Arabic and the global traders in the capital markets and the global economy.This is done through education methods of trading and legal investments in the capitalmarkets. Our first goal is the safety of our trader’s capital and the second goal is to makeprofits for the clients of our company through the risk management policy with a highprofessional business plans.«Islamic Trade Banc» offers you a Brokerage and an online trading service through a directconnection to the financial markets in the United States and the United Kingdom, Japan,Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Arab world, such as, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates and others. You can buy and sell stocksand Exchange Traded Funds and bonds with the additional benefit of safe custody, andensure the quality, speed and transparency of our services.With a secure brokerage account, you can enjoy the online services of brokerage in the localfinancial markets from home and in your comfortable personal time, choose your assets andstocks selection to suit your needs and your investment objectives.«Islamic Trade Banc» gives the customers a full control over their accounts through thetechniques of trading platforms and high precision. Through technical tools such as signalsand recommendations service, and advice and technical support, we educate, develop andprotect the client; we give our customers the trading and investment markets: globalcurrencies, commodities, metals, stocks and indexes. We also offer personal accountmanager, full portfolio management, investment funds, trading instruments, future contracts,and bonds, forex trading and digital and binary options.We always look to the future for safe and transparent trading through our work with ourcustomers and through participation decisions. Our network is based on social trading bylearning how to make money from the experts and from other traders. Our service is unique,and we do not differentiate between the small investor and the high roller, if you give a traderthe right tools he will be destined for greatness.«Islamic Trade Banc» offers several trading platforms for successful trading such as the webplatform, an online stable platform on our website without the need for installation on yourprivate computer; it has a fast execution and uses a fraction of your bandwidth on the net…

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