Maritek Ltd

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The association of enterprises the Ukrainian-Latvian Holding

«Maritek» Ltd and «Euroship Service» Ltd are the association of enterprises the Ukrainian-Latvian Holding. Providing world-class shipbuilding, ship repair and non-standard steel and aluminum constructions on shipbuilding yards in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Norway and Finland. Over 300 highly qualified employees from Ukraine are employed by our company.

Our Holding performs a wide range of works in shipbuilding such as the assembling and mounting of ship units, manufacturing and installation of cargo-hatch covers, hull and insulation outfitting, piping and ventilation systems, plaster and painting works and as well many other services.

Also we offer a full range of ship repair works such as modernization and re-equipment of all types of vessels, hull repairs, repair and mounting of cargo-hatch covers, seaborne machinery, devices, piping systems, ventilation systems, rudder propeller unit, upgrading and remodeling of vessels, mechanical works, docking and other types of works.

Our Holding has all necessary permits for performance of assembling and welding works, certified by Russian Register of Shipping and Register of Shipping of Ukraine. Our welders have certificates from LIoyd`s Register, Bureau Veritas, Russian Register of Shipping and Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

Our work is done to the highest standard and we guarantee all our work.We hope that you are interested in the above services and we would be very pleased to discuss working with you in the near future.

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