Why work for us?

Unsurprisingly, there’s more than one answer to that question — after all, we’re one of the world’s largest IT and consulting services company. Whatever your background or experience, a career at IBM will help you:

Deliver innovation that matters

IBM as a pioneer. You can see how global trends reach Ukraina. We invented first computer and now we are investing in Watson, Smarter Planet and CAMS. You can be a part of global organization which changes the way the world works!

Work alongside great minds

Experts are all around and they are ready to share experience. You can also become one of them and feel respect from your colleagues. In IBM culture, managers are mature and approachable for employees. As IBM invests many efforts in development people management and leadership skills our managers are truly leaders with charisma. You can become one of them in our company as well!

Build a career your way

IBM thinks about your long-term professional life. Multiple careers within same company are possible including cross functional and international experience. The longer you stay with us the more exciting internal career opportunities you can get. We have many amazing examples when employees work for IBM for 10−15 years and change their roles within the company every 2−3 years.Each employee has access to career portal and has opportunity to apply for internal posted career opportunities in company.

Feel proud to work here

A century ago, since its inception IBM has defined not only through products, technologies or leaders — but by fundamental values. We live our corporate ethics and deep values how we collaborate with each other and our clients. You’ll have an opportunity to make an impact on the world. You’ll be proud to call yourself an IBMer.

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