Маркетинг, реклама, PR
Размер компании:
50–250 сотрудников

Lead Capital Group is a leading sales and marketing company based in Cape Town. We specialise in driving and converting targeted leads to our international client’s online properties in various industries, including global financial services and immigration. We leverage both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies because we recognize that people can now simply avoid marketing they don’t want to see. Rather than trying to gain the attention of those who are not interested, our strategy is to market to prospects we know want to listen. They’ve indicated that they’re interested because they’ve made a search for a relevant term, they’ve opted in to an email campaign, or they’ve generated a lead through a call-to-action. This approach saves time and money as we only put our efforts into reaching people who are already looking for us. It also means that our sales consultants enjoy a high conversion rate as they are contacting targeted leads and do not cold call. We focus on the needs of our clients and pride ourselves on generating new business for them by profitably marketing and selling only to those who want to be marketed to.

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