Kopos Kolín a.s.


The history of KOPOS Kolín a.s. represents continuation of the development of electrical engineering which dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The grounds of the present form of the company arose as follows

KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. is a genuinely private firm, its owner is Ing. Vavrouch’s family whose members form the top management of the firm. At present the main field of activities of the firm is production of wiring and cable system installation material. This is mainly formed by electro-installation bars and channels, rigid and flexible conduits, boxes and attachment materials. The wide product range is divided into five integrated systems according to the purpose of use, environment and mechanical stress. Concerning the processed materials, the largest volume is formed by PVC. At present Kopos manufactures especially various wiring and cable system installation materials.

The product range includes especially the following five systems:

  • Wiring boxes and accessories
  • Wiring trunkings and accessories
  • Wiring pipes and accessories
  • Fixing material
  • Cable supporting systems

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