Terre des hommes NGO


Since its creation in 1960, the mission of Terre des hommes (Tdh) has been to come to the aid of children in need. It endeavors at all times to defend the rights of children, in times of war and natural disasters, or in less publicized situations of distress.

Today, the Terre des hommes Foundation is a significant force among children’s aid organizations in Switzerland and throughout the world. It is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) for children’s aid in Switzerland. Tdh has development projects and emergency relief programs in more than 30 countries. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional donations, of which 86% flows directly into the Tdh programs.

Tdh has operated in the Ukraine since 2015, launching its humanitarian activities by providingpsychosocial support for local and displaced children and their families and providing these vulnerable families with emergency aid to help them get through the winter (financial support to enable families to buy food, heat their homes and get the care they need)

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