We are now developing a solution, based on machine learning technology and designed to improve any cloud service, which enables automatic uploading, synchronizing and sorting of all types of files. It also allows creating individually customizable folders and categories, facilitating the uploading of new files, searching and navigating in the clouds.

Only necessary information will be uploaded and any required file will be easily found, even if you don’t know where it is located exactly.

inDrived works as SaaS, while touching on a new field of industry — «Less Data» — allowing you to decide between working with the necessary information only and/or with the whole array of user data.

The service will be incredibly useful in the IoT segment (in future), easily connecting all user’s devices to any other service or solution. Furthermore, all necessary information will be uploaded and processed automatically.

inDrived works with any service separately to provide more functionality to any cloud required. However, it is possible to improve several or even all of the clouds together, to automate processes, gather files and even combine space from all of the clouds in one place.

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