British Linguistics Academy

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Леонов Сергей

British Linguistics Academy is an educational support institution that supplements and supports young learners. The ethos of BLA is informed by our academic achievements and experiences at the University of Oxford, leading to the development of specialist programmes with a focus on inspiring the international aspirations of students from across the globe.

Any school is more than the sum of its parts. While BLA can boast state-of-the-art facilities, multimedia resources and teaching tools, this isn’t what makes it special. BLA might offer students the chance to develop their English language skills, but our academy is far more than a language school.

What makes BLA special is our teachers and our students: we are a community where inquisitive young minds can grow and thrive. We open up doors to educational and business opportunities, allowing young people to find their place in a global society. Our Oxbridge-educated teachers provide guidance and experience from a place of learned knowledge, fully prepared to help young learners achieve their full potential and realise new international prospects.

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