Arewa is a Swedish travel operator with several years experience in managing business travels,seminars and tailor made trips.
We are co-operating with major hotels and travel agencies world-wide.
Our ambition is to provide first-class services to our customers and our main goal is to have 100% satisfied customers.
We have established our business in Ukraine and will provide our services to our Ukrainian customers.

We are fully aware that many of our customers are very busy and do not have enough time to make preparations. We help individuals, couples, families and corporations create their vacations in order to fulfill their every interest and desire.

We offer you the best and most complete services and depending on your budget, we can customize your travel arrangements. All you need to do is email the criteria of your dream vacation or the best corporate business trip. Give us as much information as you can; your travel goals, personal preferences, passions, sport activities, and anything that will help us make your trip the most enjoyable trip of your lifetime. We will make recommendations and create itineraries in the way that is best suited for you. We want you simply to relax and enjoy your romantic honeymoon vacation, weekend escape, family reunion, business meeting or a special event!

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