Boon Studios Ltd.

Контактное лицо:
Pavlo Lysak

Boon Studios is Ireland’s most ambitious independent gaming studio. We are a small team with big aspirations to build the most visually stunning and successful mobile games that the world has seen. Our first title is in soft launch in Canada, and we are expanding our team in 2016 as we tackle new projects.

Our focus is developing world class casual mobile games. We do not compromise on quality and we strive to build exceptional games that push the envelope and exceed the current state of the art. With the right people and the right environment, we believe that a small focused team can produce great games and achieve big results.

We are committed to building a great games company for the long haul, a company that will consistently deliver the most awesome hand-crafted gaming experiences to millions of happy players. We’re passionate about being the best in our field and raising the bar in casual gaming to a new level.

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