Транспорт, логістика
Контактна особа:

UAB TOMIRETA established on April 2003.Our mainactivity• internationalfreightforwarding servicesin European Union countries. Our companyhas closerelationships with widerangeof carriersso thatwe can offera reliableanddiversifiedtransportation servicesin all EuropeanUnioncountries as well asSwitzerland andScandinavia.Weoffer bothpartialandfullloadtransportation services.

UAB TOMIRETA establishedindividualtransport qualitysystem that ensuresourcustomersthat theirgoodswill beshipped with the veryhighest safetycompliantvehicles.

Additionalvoluntaryforwardingbusinessinsurance provideseven greaterassurances to those who have chosento work together withus.

Qualifiedstaffis fluent inEnglish, German, Polish and Russianlanguages this will helpto solve all of your logisticschallenges.Formany yearswe offer ourcustomersand partnersa reliableand professionalapproach to work.

Most of ourtraffic is equipped with modernvehicle trackingsystems.At any time,we canprovide our customers withtimely informationabout thecondition of the goodstransported, and location, as well as respondquicklyto changes incustomerorders.

For Your transportation select TOMIRETA• we are always on the way …

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