American Lyceum International School

Контактное лицо:
Tahir Nadeem

American Lyceum has kindergardens in United Kingdom, United States of America, Oman, Pakistan.

Since decades American Lyceum is providing a caring and stimulating start to your child’s schooling. We firmly believe it is the best possible environment for your child’s introduction to learning. Being the member of Montessori Schools Association, UK (IA6488/INT) and Pre School Learning Alliance, UK (109244) we are following the international standards.

American Lyceum is a place where high academic standards are achieved, where children gain a sense of achievement and self-respect by taking part in a variety of activities and where the will to win is encouraged.At American Lyceum emphasis is laid on producing perfect and enviable personalities in every sense. Considerable attention is paid to the moral, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the child.Qualities of enthusiasm, initiative, high standards of morality, considerate behaviour and discipline are considered prime. Individual effort is rewarded and teamwork is developed.

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