Volumes International Ltd.

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066 499 95 38

Volumes International is an international services provider, excelling around the globe, delivering solid quality, stability and gloss-polished customer service to our customers, amongst which are phone companies, Telcos and traffic aggregators.

We are focused on delivering quality services and products to the VoIP and SMS market ever since the inception of our company in 2014. With only a dozen highly professional and competent people, we are serving a purpose of interconnecting the world. That’s our mission.

The company offers voice communication services through its own servers, located in USA and Europe, which enables the company to provide services of a high quality without losses in transit.

Volumes welcomes new partners worldwide offering them stable routes and competitive prices. We are always open to new opportunities and business proposals, so in case you are a prospect — kindly contact one of our account managers for detailed info.

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